Insanely Accurate POI Data

We're building artificial intelligence to provide you the most accurate source of information on businesses across the US.

Data we can provide

BlueSpot can provide all types of custom data on places. Here's a small sample of our attribute offering:

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Opening Hours

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Payments Accepted

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Food Allergies

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Accessible Entrance

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Accessible Parking

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Accessible Restroom

Freshness Matters

The problem with point of interest data today is that it doesn't keep up with a rapidly changing world. Information can easily become stale over time. BlueSpot keeps data constantly up to date with our platform.

Sourced via Conversational Artificial Intelligence

We don't rely on external data sources. We’ve developed a technology that can gather attributes of any POI, reachable by phone, in the world. It's a fully-automated calling, AI-based response comprehension and geospatial organizational system.

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On demand data refreshes

Since we source our own data, we are able to rapidly update our attributes, at scale.

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We use statistical methods, algorithms & verification calls to ensure constant data accuracy.

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BlueSpot is on a mission to understand and organize the world's spoken information at scale.

BlueSpot is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) company that gathers relevant information on Points of Interest using Conversational AI. Contact us to see how we can help solve your data needs.

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